Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Customer Avatar Checklist -- Emotional Hot Buttons

* I found a few blogs... mostly from URJ... One posting appears to be from a Professor of Bible, another from a Rabbi whom I met through her daughter... a URJ posting about how they are losing 80% of the Bar Mitzvah kids by the end of high school.
* Read book reviews on Amazon regarding "competing" products, explore further.
* Found a book on Amazon by Bar Mitzvah teachers
* Found an article in the NYT (which I had already read, but I didn't see the reactions)
* I discovered that my competition lives at "bar mitzvah lessons" (google search)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Niche Research and Selection Checklist -- 3 Questions

* Continue research until you meet the minimum criteria AND the answer to all of these questions is "YES":
- Is my prospective customer emotionally driven to find a solution, solve a problem, or get a specific benefit that I offer?
- Is my prospective customer so motivated that they've begun pro-actively seeking to solve their challenge?
- Does my prospective customer have few or no perceived options?

Niche Research and Selection Checklist -- Forums

BAR/BAT MITZVAH: Party Planning
There's a lot of new thinking out there. Let's not talk about what bar/bat mitzvahs HAVE BEEN; let's talk about what they COULD BE!
» Moderator: MitzvahChic Admin 394 1363 November 13th, 2010, 6:28am
by Graffiti_Zone
BAR/BAT MITZVAH: Family and Friend Issues
We all know that if the party's the soup, it's the people who spice it up -- for good and bad. Let's vent and problem-solve the people issues.
» Moderators: MitzvahChic Admin, -1 46 201 September 19th, 2010, 9:22am
by schneiders
BAR/BAT MITZVAH: Religious & Synagogue Issues
How much Hebrew is enough? How do you know if your child really can't do it? How do you get the synagogue to work with you on a range of issues? Let's tawk!
» Moderators: MitzvahChic Admin, -1 44 172 September 21st, 2009, 9:08pm
by NYmom

Niche Research and Selection Checklist -- Strong Interest

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Niche Research and Selection Checklist -- Strong Interest

* Evidence of Strong Interest, activity and indication of commercial interest found at:
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Web Search Interest: bar mitzvah
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bar mitzvah
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More on the IPO as a Tech Start-Up's Bar Mitzvah
World War II veteran, 91, celebrates bar mitzvah
Bar mitzvah hit by stray wedding shots
When a bar mitzvah is a mitzva
Countdown to the Bar Mitzvah (and This Week's Parsha)
The Shame Of Israel: Son of Rahm's Tight Security Bar Mitzvah
SAfrican judge says he won't attend bar mitzvah
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5. United Kingdom
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1. jewish bar mitzvah
2. bar bat mitzvah
3. bat mitzvah
4. werewolf
5. werewolf bar mitzvah
6. bar mitzvah invitations
7. bar mitzvah party
8. bar mitzvah gifts
9. bar mitzvah gift
10. barmitzvah
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1. bar mitzvah dance Breakout
2. bar mitzvah wikipedia Breakout
3. werewolf Breakout
4. werewolf bar mitzvah Breakout
5. bar mitzvah dresses +100%
6. bar mitzvah video +80%
7. bar mitzvah money +70%
8. bar mitzvah boys +50%
9. bar mitzvah age +40%
10. bar mitzvah ideas +40%
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Niche Research and Selection Checklist -- Google Trends

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bar mitzvah

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Franco gets bar mitzvah at Hasty Pudding roast
Associated Press - Feb 14 2009
Convict stages son's bar mitzvah in NYC jail
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Jun 11 2009
NY jails official resigns after bar mitzvah report
Associated Press - Jun 16 2009
Jewish champion hoping to fight at Yankee Stadium _ unless a bar mitzvah intervenes
Los Angeles Times - Feb 16 2010
SAfrican judge says he won't attend bar mitzvah
Washington Post - Apr 17 2010
The Shame Of Israel: Son of Rahm's Tight Security Bar Mitzvah
Huffington Post - May 27 2010
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1. United States
2. Israel
3. Canada
4. United Kingdom
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4. Boston, MA, USA
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6. Irvine, CA, USA
7. Washington, DC, USA
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9. Chicago, IL, USA
10. Toronto, Canada
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7. German

The Steps 1 & 2 -- Action Coaching Club

Step 1: Research/Select a Niche
* Research the market -- find Who's already looking (see Niche Research and selection checklist)
* Select a niche -- identify what need you will fill
* Identify the top 10 positive and negative emotional hot buttons
* Create a customer avatar (see customer avatar checklist)

Step 2: test the Niche
* Create an elevator Pitch (see elevator pitch checklist)
* Create conversion story (see conversion story checklist)
* Design a powerful name/title (see product/concept naming checklist)
* Create (or acquire) free line content (i.e. 3-mistakes report) (see Free Line Content checklist)
* Get basic web tools (e.g. domain, hosting, auto-responder, paypal, analytics) (see Website Presence Checklist)
* Put a simple list-building mini-site(s) or blog online (see Niche testing checklist)
* Create a follow up auto-responder sequence
* Drive as much traffic as you can as afford as quickly as possible
* Make offers for your or your affiliate's products
* Do coaching for market research (see Coaching for Market Research Checklist)
* If, after 1,000 visits you do not have a list of 50-200 people, and do not have at least one sale, reconsider or drop niche.
* If you see progress through "The Gates" keep testing

Action Coaching Checklist -- The Gates

Last night I was on the inaugural call of the Action Coaching Club. I found that it felt more focused than the previous Ignition trainings. The PDF guidebook is a great resource. It would be even better if it were available in word (rich-text-format) and html (hyperlinked between sections). While the content is excellent, I found it difficult to find where I need to start because it is not in chronological order rather in a recursive-top-down organization. So, I may type some of it as I progress to figure out where I am.

The Gates:
* The Market is Viable
* You are able to reach people and bring them to your website
* People who visit your website join your list
* People on your list are buying products and services
* Customers buy more products, more expensive products, more often
* Others market and sell your products
* Everything is automated, scalable

I mentioned on the call that I'm developing an educational software product. Until the product is ready, I do not have something concrete to sell without spending time that will divert me from getting the product to market. We will explore together whether the above Gates can apply in such a situation.