Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Steps 1 & 2 -- Action Coaching Club

Step 1: Research/Select a Niche
* Research the market -- find Who's already looking (see Niche Research and selection checklist)
* Select a niche -- identify what need you will fill
* Identify the top 10 positive and negative emotional hot buttons
* Create a customer avatar (see customer avatar checklist)

Step 2: test the Niche
* Create an elevator Pitch (see elevator pitch checklist)
* Create conversion story (see conversion story checklist)
* Design a powerful name/title (see product/concept naming checklist)
* Create (or acquire) free line content (i.e. 3-mistakes report) (see Free Line Content checklist)
* Get basic web tools (e.g. domain, hosting, auto-responder, paypal, analytics) (see Website Presence Checklist)
* Put a simple list-building mini-site(s) or blog online (see Niche testing checklist)
* Create a follow up auto-responder sequence
* Drive as much traffic as you can as afford as quickly as possible
* Make offers for your or your affiliate's products
* Do coaching for market research (see Coaching for Market Research Checklist)
* If, after 1,000 visits you do not have a list of 50-200 people, and do not have at least one sale, reconsider or drop niche.
* If you see progress through "The Gates" keep testing

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