MIT $100k Business Plan Semifinalist... 25th Employee at Oracle

* Graduate Degree in Computer Science with a minor in Entrepreneurial Business Law

* Founder of Cryptography company, raised third party investment, delivered product, sold company.

* MIT $100k Business Plan Competition Semifinalist; Distinguished Finalist Business plan at Harvard Business School

* Developer of web-based software startup; 25th Employee at Oracle Corporation -- was SQL*NET Product Manager

I have had a passion for creating software and information products for decades. I worked in several startups learning from tremendous role models, including Larry Ellison's Relational Software Incoporated (RSI), the company who later changed their name to Oracle.

I currently spend my days programming in jQuery, Python, Django, Flash, and ActionScript 3.

According to Eben Pagan, speed of implementation what differentiates truly successful entrepreneurs from everyone else.

You may have a hidden fear, desire, or frustration, that is preventing you from actually implementing the Product Launch Formula.

Or, you may have sufficient financial resources, but need a senior technologist to guide you through the process.

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