Tuesday, July 6, 2010

On Eben Pagan's Guru Mastermind Get Altitude List

On Mon, Mar 15, 2010, I joined Eben Pagan's Guru Mastermind Get Altitude List.

Eben Pagan's Guru Mastermind list is a pitch-fest with a subtle understanding of the attention economy.

I'll include my comments reflecting how I evaluated each affiliate offer. About 70% of Eben Pagan's emails that I received remained unopened until I wrote this post today.

What follows is intended for the Product Launch manager to better understand that challenges of Joint-Venture and internal launches by seeing a sample perspective of how someone evaluated a variety of offers over the course of several months.


The JV launches that occurred while I was on the list, included:

* FRANK KERN teaches "List Building" -- Interesting skill, not the core challenge in my business, can not tell if he is "real"

* HARVEY MACKAY "Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door: Job Search Secrets No One Else Will Tell You" -- off topic, next

* John Carlton "Why COPYWRITING is so critical to business success..." -- How much you pay him is your business not mine, not clear why that skill is not learnable from one of several books on the topic, not clear that it is my core challenge in business

* Man "buys his own freedom"... salesautomator -- not clear from copy if Eben actually knows this guy or believes in him

* The smartest "networker" around... -- not clear what results he can deliver, not core challenge in my business

* Mike Filsaime, Viral Marketing software download -- I'll download open source software, still sitting on my computer, not sure what I'm able to do with it, will revisit if someone happens to explain it to me and it seems worthwhile

* "The secret psychology of PERSONALITY TYPES" -- Interesting. Target audience is probably human resource managers

* John Reese, '"Outsourcing" your work for $2 an HOUR?' -- Not relevant to my business doing what I do, difficult to manage

* "The REAL story behind 3 of my product launches...." -- This was the copy that showed concrete results from applying the endorsed product.


People would ask Jeff Walker, how do people feel after such a pitch fest?

I felt that the trade off in time invested relative to value gained, assuming that I did not invest in any of the programs, was still reasonable from my point of view. If the topic was not interesting, I didn't open the mail. If the video was not compelling, I would abort and move on. If the video was interesting, I would listen and the speaker would gain respect in my eyes.

Probably three separate meetings, i.e. encounters with free video content, over the course of a week, evenly spaced, seem to build a feeling of connection, if there is a basic compatibility and attraction at the beginning.

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