Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eben Pagan Endorses Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula Saying it Brought Results for Eben Pagan

While sitting on Eben's list, I had been reading about many products with interesting stories (e.g. 'a great story from a friend'), that he thought the people were smart (e.g. 'smartest "networker"'), or people he paid lots of money (e.g. 'I've paid John as much as $1,250 for ONE HOUR').

However, the following email was the first time that Eben Pagan actually described how this is a product that significantly and measurably contributes to his success.

The "double guarantee" that Eben Pagan provides continues his appreciation of the attention economy where the customer expends time in evaluating an offering, and wants to have some guarantee that the time invested will be worthwhile even if the offering is not selected.

He also makes "Jeff's no-hassle 30-day money-back guarantee" feel more friendly. As though he was saying, try it, if you like it, wonderful; if not, we will still be friends. Maybe we can work together on something else; let's keep in touch.

Below, I have included Eben Pagan's actual email because I found it so persuasive.
The REAL story behind 3 of my product launches....

A lot of people ask me about what's possible when doing
an online product launch - so I thought I'd share an
interesting story about 3 of my product launches.

When I started my first online "information marketing"
business, I had never heard of a product launch... which
basically means that I didn't what you think of as a
"product launch."

Instead, I launched with "pay per click" marketing, then
affiliate marketing, etc. to build the business.

The result? It took me three YEARS to do a total of about
$2.1 Million in sales. Three years.

Not bad, really.


Then, a few years ago, when I decided to go into my
second niche, I used an "online product launch" model.

The result? I did about $2.7 Million in sales in a few
MONTHS. More sales, and ten times as fast.


Fast forward to today. Last month, I did my latest online
product launch.

The result? Over $3 Million in sales in a few DAYS.

Again, more sales, and about ten TIMES as fast.

So what's the "moral" of the story?

The moral is that selling things online, and building a
business online has CHANGED. It's not the sames as it
was a few years ago.

And the new way to sell stuff online - especially when it
comes to information product, coaching and training is
the "Product Launch Formula."

So, you've obviously seen all of the talk going on about
Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula 3.0 launch. You
heard that there are now hundreds of millions of dollars
worth of product launches happening online - and big
success happening in every type of niche (including my
personal favorite: HORSE BALLET - really).

And you probably saw that I'm offering the best bonus
package we've ever done... worth $9,000... if you decide
to invest in Jeff's training... including:

>A ticket to any live event with me this year - valued at

>A ticket to my live "GURU Traffic School" program -
valued at $2,500

>My "Print Persuasion Masterclass" advanced
copywriting and persuasion program - valued at $500

>My "Modern Marketing Masterclass" training - valued
at $1,000

Well how about this:

I'm so confident that you are going to love Jeff's training,
that I'm going to offer you my OWN guarantee on top of
Jeff's no-hassle 30-day money-back guarantee.


Invest in Jeff's Product Launch Formula training course,
and if you're not satisfied - and you ask for a refund, you
can KEEP all of the bonuses that I've listed above. All $9,000
worth of them.

All you have to do is TRY Jeff's course - and I think you'll
see that it's the most powerful innovation in online marketing
since the invention of email and search engines.

The only condition is that you must use my affiliate link
below to register (so I can send you your bonuses).


Remember: Jeff's course comes with a no-hassle money-
back guarantee. And I'm going to DOUBLE his guarantee by
allowing you to keep ALL of the bonuses you get from me,
even if you decide that Jeff's course isn't for you.

I've spoken live at all 3 of Jeff Walker's Product Launch
events - and I've done it for free. I believe in Jeff's Formula,
and I know that it can work for you, too.

>>>IMPORTANT: Jeff's registration closes down tomorrow -
Thursday - at Midnight Pacific.

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