Thursday, July 15, 2010

Product Launch Formula Sequence Example

In every classic launch, it is necessary to have four free pieces of content which are a mixture of a bribe and a sales message.

Our market niche is Bar Mitzvah training software for children in the ages 7 to 12, delivered over the internet using the software as a service model.

The chairman of our board, a veteran Bar Mitzvah tutor, and a member of Oracle's original technical team of ten people who wrote Oracle 1.0, suggested that the "bribe" be a book report evaluating what books are worthwhile for the kids to read.

In prelaunch content, it is useful to mix up a variety of free goodies. So, for example, the first piece of content ('bribe') can be a PDF report (which we email to their in-box as part of a double-opt-in process. I might save the user a step by allowing the PDF download itself to be the opt-in step. We will ask for their email address. The next screen we will ask their organizational affiliation, providing different reports for Reform than for Conservative.

Another alternative for a first piece of content ('bribe') is a Bar Mitzvah date calculator. The child enters the date of their planned Bar Mitzvah (or Bat Mitzvah). On the next screen, I ask for their name. I will explain that I will give them a "goodie" related to their name. I email them the listing of what the Torah and Haftorah readings are for that day, or use a click through where they download it from my site. Later, I email them click-through a match of their name if it appears in the bible, with an explanation of the religious significance, and some good traits that character had. Later, I provide a wiki for them to manage the assignment of aliyot blessings and torah readings, and haftorah. This increases their engagement, and builds my list by having them enter contact information for each of the participants. I would email a tikkun-version of the torah reading to each of the participants approximately 60 days prior to the reading. I would email the blessings to those assigned, about 30 days in advance.

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