Monday, January 5, 2015

Kindle Launch Plan: $1400 in 30 Days & an Amazon Bestseller -- Nick Loper


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  • Kc Tan
    Clear and concise!
    I would like to applaud Nick for his generous sharing on these valuable information! There are not many courses out there that are recorded in such clear manner. In addition, Nick also share some cool hacks on how to make your Kindle book rank high and cause people to buy. These are amazing tips that I would never thought of myself! I highly recommend Nick's course if you are looking for the ONE course to learn how to make a profit from kindle publishing! Thank you, Nick!
  • Jose Guevara
    Excellent Kindle Launch course!
    Step-by-step instructions with practical tips and secret hacks that give you a HUGE advantage over other authors.
  • Lisa Griffiths
    A Great Kindle Course!
    This is a really helpful course. It is very thorough and covered all the topics I expected plus more. Nick is great and answered all the questions I had particularly helpful were those related to my own book. I found it easy to complete the whole course as it was a very enjoyable way to learn. I learnt new things, for example, what information to put into KDP which I didn't have a clue about before. I will use this course as a reference to go back to again and again. And have already been referring back to certain areas where I needed a reminder of what to do next. I highly recommend this course.
  • Ted Begnoche
    Review Of Kindle Launch Plan
    Nick, I just wanted to send a note to say how much I enjoyed your Kindle Launch Plan Course on The course covers everything you need to get started with Kindle publishing, nothing is left out. And the quality of information is superb. Thank you for creating this course. I have proof it works, because my Kindle book is now live!!! Thanks again, Sincerely, Ted Begnoche
  • Mike Coday
    Excellent Book Marketing Ideas
    Although the production quality was very good, and the basics of launching were informative, the real value is in the additional book marketing ideas that Nick shares along the way. If you have a good, quality book that you've written, it would be worth your time and money to invest in this course for the marketing ideas alone. Well done, Nick.
  • Sean K
    Excellent laser-focused Amazon course Delivers the Goods!
    I loved this class which is jam-packed with Marketing techniques , hacks and strategies that will help me tremendously RANK my book HIGHLY in AMAZON and become a Bestseller! Kudos to Nick for over delivering with downloadable special report and worksheets plus plenty of sites to market my book. All ready to apply. Thank you for the thoroughness.
  • Lise Cartwright
    Solid information backed up by experience
    This course was excellent because of the way Nick delivered the information and because he backed up everything he did with his own results. This course is best suited to someone who has not had much success with their own launches on Amazon and is looking for unique ways (that are generally free) to get their book out there. Thanks Nick - I learned a few new tricks!
  • Douglas Clark
    Excellent value and insights
    Learned a lot here. Brought me up to date on Createspace, which I've ignored too long, and overall had practical and creative tips for giving my book -- and yours -- every chance to succeed.
  • Bonnie Foster
    great tips
    directions, ideas, possibilities, and much more was included in this course. instructor was engaging and positive without being over the top. gave realistic advice that can be followed up on.
  • Anita Sølver
    Great course
    Lots of valuable information, and hands-on approach to all of it, with examples of how to do the different things. You can pick the tactics that works for you, and if you want to experiment, try them all out, and you'll be wiser for your next book launch :) The instructor was doing a great job presenting the various ideas, and the overall quality of the course was nice too. Thumbs up.
  • Meredith
    Great Course with lots of good info
    Nick was engaging, with lots of great tips and insights. Thanks
  • Ernest Dempsey
    Terrific Course for Beginners and Veterans Alike
    At the time of taking this course, I'd written and published 12 books. Even for someone like me, there are some great takeaways and things I'd never considered before. I wish I'd had this course when I was just starting out because it would have saved me a ton of headache. If you have never published a book before, this course is definitely a must. Nick Loper gives incredible value throughout.
  • Zach Lonis
    Launch process laid out Barney style
    The videos were incredibly helpful and laid out in a way that was extremely easy to understand and put into action. The best part is, these steps aren't just for launching a Kindle Book. They will work with any type of product you want to sell, especially on Amazon!
  • Sean Sumner
    Excellent course, easy to follow with great tips
    I have tried a few different courses on publishing a book on Kindle. This course has been the best by far. It is easy to follow. Great video and audio quality. I have gotten great tips and plan on referring back to it as I go
  • Cary Richards
    Outstanding information
    Nick Loper really knows his stuff! I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone looking to increase their e-book sales rankings and income. The course was easy to follow and Nick was obviously very prepared to deliver the information.
  • Joseph Archibald
    Nick Loper's course is for anyone who is intent on publishing on Kindle, or for those who have already published but perhaps are struggling to witness the kind of results they'd like to experience, such as myself. Nick presents the course in a very approachable way and he tackles everything from market research to cover design to then publishing your works on the Kindle database (and much more besides). Furthermore, if you do have queries, Nick replies in a very timely manner, which in my 'book' is always a good thing! As such, Mr Loper's course scores an unquestionable 5 star rating from me!
  • Scott Bowes
    The course created by Nick Loper offers a step-by-step approach for taking your book from original idea to publishing to following up with a marketing plan after you hit the "publish" button. The course features easy-to-follow concepts for new authors just starting out supported by discussions posted by other students and authors.
  • Annie Clayton
    Nick is great to learn from. This course supports everything I have been learning on other courses and gives loads of tips and information - I totally recommend it.
  • Sue Antinoro
    Love the course, great for newbies as well as the more experienced
    This my first Udemy course and I was pleasantly surprised. I had some knowledge of Kindle publishing but I like Nick's approach and style of teaching. Plus there were are some real gems of knowledge and some a-ha moments that I didn't realize before, that I know will help me with long term goals. I love the format, and think its a great soup to nuts course that I definitely recommend. There's definitely a lot of steps that, if you are a beginner, you should take note of, if you want to publish quality content and be successful in the long term, especially about marketing, which many authors need help with
  • Peter Ralph
    Very beneficial
    After three lectures I didn't think this course was for me. It is slanted to self-help, DIY and Nick talks about books helping readers. I predominantly write fiction, so other than enjoyment (hopefully), readers get nothing from my books. As it turned out the marketing lectures, which can be applied to fiction, more than justified the cost of the course. I found Nick very easy to watch and listen too and his presentation and the quality of the material delivered was first rate. For my purposes there are lectures that I could delete but there are others I'll be watching many times.
  • Ryan Arba
    Enroll in this course if you want a massive launch for your Kindle Book
    This course provides a step-by-step guide on how to utilize the world's largest bookstore to get your message out. I'm eager to finish up my book so I can get started on the launch. I'll be coming back to this course very soon to hit my goal of becoming an Amazon bestseller. Thanks Nick for putting this great course together! PS - Nick runs a great podcast, too. Check it out at
  • Rob Cubbon
    Advice from someone who walks the walk
    I have been publishing on Kindle for over a year with multiple titles and I have learned loads from this course. Nick had a hugely successful launch and subsequent ongoing sales with a Kindle book recently and this course tells you all his secrets. He gives us actionable step we can apply in our Kindle books now. A hugely valuable course. Thank you, Nick!
  • Jasper Ribbers
    Excellent! Very comprehensive and resourceful
    Having published an Amazon best seller myself, I wasn't sure if this course could offer me many new insights, but it definitely did. The content is very detailed and Nick's way of explaining is very clear and intuitive. This course is really a must for anyone who's looking to write a book and publish on Amazon, even those who've already done so in the past.
  • Jaywant Bisma
    Everything an Amazon author needs to know to get published and more
    I've been thru a few Amazon Kindle tutorials and think Nick's is probably the most helpful. It includes everything I needed to know to successfully launch a new book in a concise but thorough manner, a lot of it that I would not be aware of if not for this course.
  • Elly LifeProbabilities
    Practical and useful
    The course is packed with practical actions, which will help newbie self-published authors promote and sell their books. It is a very nice starting point in the journey of becoming an author. I highly recommend!
  • Chandler Bolt
    Advice from someone who's done it
    This course is great. Nick walks step by step through how to execute a successful launch on Kindle. My favorite part of the course is that he's done everything he teaches. He gives case studies from his books and also gives examples from other authors.
  • Steve Scott
    THE Launch Strategy for Authors with No Platforms
    I’ve done pretty well with Kindle publishing for the last two years. So I can honestly say that the biggest challenge for new authors is launching a successful book when you don’t have an established platform. Nick Loper’s course is a great solution to this problem. First off, I know he walks the walk. I witnessed how his recent launch netted him over 20,000 downloads. Even better—months later—this book is still a strong seller. What’s interesting is did all this with a lot of hustle and smart marketing. What I appreciate about this course is how much Nick talks about laying the foundation for a successful book. In my opinion, this the real “secret sauce” for a best-seller. After that, he details how you can create a killer launch, even if you don’t have a large audience. For most students, this will be the most useful section because it teaches you the right way to connect with people to promote your book and readers who want your content. If you don’t have a large platform and need that extra edge to create a powerful launch, then you definitely want to check out this course.
  • Alex Harris
    Create a Best Selling Book on Amazon!
    Thank you for putting this together. Loved all the marketing hacks. I followed this exact formula from Nick and my book was listed #1 in three categories for FREE. Then when I put it for sale, it was immediately at #1 again in the Best Sellers section of Direct Marketing. Now my downloads are sky rocketing and I have over 50 reviews. This course is easy to follow to Write, Launch and Market your new book!
  • Nancy Hendrickson
    Masterful and Authoratative
    Nick Loper is the master of the book launch, and this course proves it. As an author, I only wish I had a course like this before launching my first book - but using the information here I can guarantee my future launches will be far better (and more effective). There's absolutely nothing missing here - for anyone who writes, this is definitely the real deal.
  • Janis Bryden
    A must for anyone planning to launch their book on Amazon
    This course is jam packed with information, ideas and tips on writing, planning and launching your book. Nick has a captivating way of presenting the course and because he shows you exactly what and how to do it, I came away with a wealth of information on how to avoid the pitfalls and how to achieve a professional and successful book launch.
  • Eric Payne
    Great Course For Both Sales Strategy & Technical Details!
    This course is a great outline. I have listened through once, and will go step by step when I write my first Kindle book. I like how Nick walked me through the details of getting a book published (showing his computer screen as he does the work) He also has really good insight on how to make the book get some exposure and get some traction on amazon. Very happy with this course.
  • Alex Genadinik
    I have been promoting my books for a while now, and I was looking for more strategies, and this course delivers! I am excited to start implementing the strategies suggested in this course.
  • Kunta
    Super Amazing!
    Nick goes in great detail of how to publish on Amazon. I had to pause just to go start my own book! Great information that you will never find anywhere else!
  • Haviv Tarazi
    Great Course
    Very helpfull tips.

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