Thursday, May 7, 2015

Personal Information

Personal Information

International ESL Services LLC is only authorized to make payments to into accounts bearing the name of its contractors. Please enter your first and last name as they appear on your legal identification document(s). (Ex: Passport, Social Security card, government-issued ID).
Please be aware that we only issue payments either using ACH electronic deposit into American bank accounts, or via PayPal. 
Are you currently living abroad (outside of the U.S.)?
* Have you ever taught with Open English (prior contractor of International ESL Services, LLC) or participated in our Certification Process?

Experience & Availability

* Do you have experience teaching ESL?

* I speak the following languages at a low-intermediate level or above:
Educational Consultants provide their weekly availability preferences and are paired with students based on student need, which is monitored by the company. Consultants provide their weekly availability preferences and are scheduled for available classes within those preferences. Open English students tend to demonstrate the most demand for classes during evening hours (Eastern time). Classes begin on the hour, every hour. We are unable to offer set schedules each week and cannot guarantee services to any contractor.
* Would this type of scheduling process suit you?
Contractors are scheduled for educational services based on their availability and the need of the students throughout the day. Schedules are provided approximately two weeks in advance. At the current moment, the educational services contractors are scheduled to provide are: 
1) Group classes including welcome period, teaching English for 45 minutes, and completing a feedback form for each student.
2) At times when student attendance requires less than the scheduled number of contractors, contractors will use their scheduled time to respond to student questions in the Ask a Teacher and Writing Feedback queues.
Each educational service opportunity is approximately one hour total. Please list your educational services rate (per one educational service opportunity) in the field below, using US dollars.
Consultants are selected based on business need at the time. Your proposal will be reviewed in advance of beginning our certification process and you will be notified if we accept, counter propose or reject your submitted rate for services. Only submissions which have a pre-approved rate will move forward in the consulting certification process. Final decisions are made after the consulting certification process. 
* Indicates Response Required

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