Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How to Radically Increase Your Opt-In Rates… and Grow Your Launch List Like Wildfire!

How to Radically Increase Your Opt-In Rates… and Grow Your Launch List Like Wildfire!

When a prospect comes to your squeeze page, you’re making them an offer of something in exchange for their email address. So in essence, you’re making a sale. It just so happens that instead of giving you money, they’re giving you their permission to send them future messages.
The beauty of a squeeze page, however, is it’s a lot easier to get a conversion. So you can test a lot more quickly than you can with a sales page.
When you’re testing things on a sales letter, you actually need to make a real sale (for real money) in order to get a conversion. And you need to get a considerable quantity of sales to get valid test results. So it can take weeks, or even months, to test out a sales page. With a squeeze page, you can literally do it in a matter of hours with enough targeted traffic.
That said, here are the three primary elements of your squeeze page that have the most impact on the “sale” and how fast you can grow your list for a product launch.

#1: Your Offer

There are lots of terms for your free giveaway: a gift, an ethical bribe, a freebie. Whatever it is, and whatever you call it, getting your offer right is the number one most important thing. You’ve got to work to sharpen your offer and continually make it better.
In simple terms, it’s answering this question:
What can you offer to your prospect that will have a high perceived value and will make them sit up, take notice, and take action by giving you their email address?
When Jeff first started out in 1996, people were eager to get something online for free. So it was relatively easy to get an opt-in. Over the years, people have become far more reluctant to give up their email address. Squeeze pages giving out free information are everywhere, so you’ve got to work hard to make your offer stand out from the crowd.
The secret is to put an intense focus on understanding your target market, and to answer the most important question in your prospects mind in respect to that market. What resource can you give to them that’s going to really get them to move and take action.
It doesn’t have to be complicated. It can just be a short video that addresses their biggest hotpoint, along with a one-page PDF resource guide that goes along with that video.
It’s not so much the “thing” that you give away, but what it addresses:
- What are their hopes, dreams, and aspirations?
- How can you best help them along their journey?
- What’s the number one thing that’s holding them back (that they know is holding them back) and how can you resolve that problem for them?
- How can you take some of their pain away and build their aspirations?
- What is their biggest dream? How can you blow that up, make it bigger, make it more real for them? How can you take that and put it into a video or video series?
Once you’ve answered these questions, take the coolest idea you’ve got and give it away for the opt-in!

#2: Your Headline

Next to the offer itself, the most important element on your squeeze page is always going to be your headline.
Any great copywriter will tell you that 80% of the results you get with a sales page will be based on your headline, and it’s no different with a squeeze page. Your headline must grab your ideal prospect forcefully and communicate your offer quickly!
There are a lot of great headlines out there, and there are a lot of great resources on how to write a great headline, so I won’t go into detail here.
Keep in mind that curiosity is always a powerful motivator. Simply raise a question in their mind that they must get answered by you. Also important is making a big promise in your headline that, in some way, ties in with their deepest fears, dreams, hopes, or aspirations.
Just think, what’s the coolest trick you’ve got up your sleeve that will solve a problem for them or scratch a big itch, and how can you promise that in a great headline?

#3: Your Design

The secret to squeeze page design is this: keep it simple!
Our leader Jeff Walker has found through more than a decade of testing (with millions of opt-ins received on thousands of squeeze pages) that simple squeeze pages, that are not overly busy, work best.
The important thing to remember is that what works always changes over time and is often surprising. Squeeze page designs get tired and gradually lose their edge. So don’t expect to have one squeeze page design for the next decade. You might stick with a squeeze page for a year or more, but you’ve got to constantly keep an eye out for new designs and strategies.
Most importantly, don’t worry about your squeeze page being perfect right off the bat. You should be constantly testing it and changing it to keep abreast of what’s working. Just assume that your first one is going to be a throwaway and start evolving your offer, your copy, and your design from there.

Just get something up there and get started!

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