Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordpress Theme, Design and Content Organization

My tendency is towards: a more conservative look where the information is more important than a lot of pop and flash, and the information itself is more important and timeless, then having your posts referenced by category is the best choice.

Content: what information the user will need to know, you have to consider what information you are willing to share with them. That information may include how to contact you, what the purpose of the site is, who you are, and what your expertise is

About Us, Contact Us, Sign Up for Our Mailing List.

Need to create an opt-in incentive for the mailing list. My current thinking is "Why Destiny's Child Might not be the Best Bar Mitzvah Tutor".

Write down the possible Page titles and describe the information you are willing to share online on each Page:
* Bar Mitzvah Tutoring Team
* Bar Mitzvah Software Platform
- describe what platform current does and why to use it
* Work Harder Have Fewer Students or buy our platform
* Selecting a Bar Mitzvah Tutor
* How to get software
* Remote video teaching
- general subjects and titles
paragraph description

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